Tips on Choosing Best Web Hosting Company for Your Online Business

web hostingIf you are one of online entrepreneur or using internet as a business, you should familiar with web hosting which host your websites. This is a crucial element in your business as it is the main source that communicate directly with your customers. Whether you are starting an online business or looking the best web hosting company for online business, you should choose the best to start with.

A web hosting company is a company that rent you a space on their server. You must pay for it in order to continue using it from time to time. Because the cost of web hosting is recurring, you must look into the details of the company before deciding which one you should trust.

Many people would want an affordable price in exchange of great service, so look for this in their website. Check how big is the space they offered and bandwidth and see if it’s within your monthly or yearly budget. If that’s OK, then you should write down and look for others until you’ve got a handful of list to choose from.

Another main issue is the customer support services, especially for people who lives outside of US, or UK. The difference in time zones might be a problem if you would want to get in touch to customer service when it is necessary. For this problem, you should get a company that has 24 hours service, 7 days a week. Response time is also a crucial thing, so surf some web hosting reviews on the internet and read what other customers are saying.

It’s not funny to have your website up in a day and down tomorrow, so be sure to read their downtime and uptime statistics. As a rule of thumb, choose a company that offers a 99.5-99.7% uptime rate. Note that realistic uptime is needed and not 100% uptime service which often is a scam. Sometimes downtime is needed in order to maintain and upgrade the system on the server to keep the websites updated.

Two web hosting company that I recommends are justhost and ipage. These two companies have many positive reviews on the web. Both offer monthly hosting price under $5 with unlimited disc space and bandwidth. You would also get a free domain if you decide to join them. An interesting feature justhost has is the “Anytime Money Back Guarantee”. They claimed to refund your money “No Questions Asked” anytime you want to cancel your hosting plans. Be sure to check out justhost reviews before signing up with them.