Thinking About Moving to Jekyll

jekyllWordPress has been my favorite over many years, but it has come a point where it is a bloated, slow and more costly. If you’re getting enough traffic you’ll know what I mean. WP is slow, even with caching and CDN enabled. It’s still crippled when handling big traffic. Moving to a VPS with a larger specifications will always be the journey.

But lately I’ve been playing with Lowendbox to host my sites because shared hosting nowadays can’t handle even the slighest traffic from WordPress. It sucks I know, but getting a box with $1/month is better. Sure it does cost you more time managing the server, but I usually only do it once. Once it is done, I can always move to another server. Best of all, it is way much better than shared hosting where overselling always occur.

I’m not saying vpses are not oversold too, it is. Especially when you are on OpenVZ node. So I looked for another solution for blogging, but then I found out about Jekyll.


Anyway, Jekyll is one of the solution for me to get away from WordPress. Sure it is not like WP where it is highly supported by mass fan but learning new things might be better on the long run. Unlike WP, Jekyll doesn’t use mysql. For the time being I’m still learning about it and will update it for the next posts.

Recently this blog and other blogs on the server got 100% cpu load. That sucks so I’ll be moving this blog to LEB for the next few days, after holiday.

Have a nice holiday everyone!