5 SEO Tips For Newbies

Is your website not ranking on the top search engines? Everyone knows that being on the top of the search engine will put a business above the competition. I recently did some research on the matter to promote my company that sells church chairs. If you would like to generate more traffic here are 5 things that are shown to work.

Your website needs to be SEO friendly. We will start from the top. Obviously you have a domain name by now. If not, choose a domain name that is short, catchy and has your key words in it.
The Title of your Home Page does not have to be your business name. It should have the main keyword that your site is built around. Each page title should be promoted in the same manner. This will be displayed by the search engines in bold and it will contain a link to your site.

The description of the page should also have the same keywords as you have just made in your title. If you search for metal roofing, in your search results you will see that metal roofing is bold in the title and description of the search result. That means the title and description of your page should contain important keywords.

Your first keywords should be in the same theme as your title and description. Keywords are important but they are not the backbone of SEO anymore. You should have your keyword be relevant to the page.
Never make keywords for your Home Page only. You should design each page to be SEO friendly. Each page should have a unique title, description and keywords.

When I first built my website I had tons of flash and html codes. Restructuring your website to have text in the title instead of a picture will help improve the way web crawlers structure your site. Search engines love text and they disregard flash. All of your internal links should be text links. If you have a picture, give a description or caption of the picture. Do not use your picture as a link; use a text that describes your picture as the link. Make sure all your links work!
Create a good site map. This will make sure that all the pages in your site will be indexed by the search engine. Google has a webmasters program that will help you build a site map. They also have other tools that you can use to improve your sites SEO.

This is probably the most important of the tips but it should not be attempted until you have completed the tips above. Every site must have back links. Back links are links from another website to your website. Your back link should be your most important keyword with the link attached to it. This is called an anchor text. Not all back links are created equal. Make sure your back links are of good quality. One-way-links are the best. If a site asks you to exchange a link, stay away.
The best back links come from articles such as this one. Some article directories will allow you to include your link in the article body while others require that it be placed in the authors bio or signature box. If you do not want to write an article, find an article that you like and do some research on the author. If you like his other articles, ask him if he is interested in having a sponsor. Pay him in exchange for your links being well placed in his articles.
Web directories are the next best thing. There are thousands of directories that you can submit to. There are some companies that will submit to directories for you. I seen a company that would submit to 1000 directories for $49. If you choose to go this route, ask the company for a list of the directories. Also, the directories need to have a good PR. Every link is like a vote but some votes carry more weight than others.
Another way to get good links is to comment on other people articles, forums, and blogs that are relevant to your site and leave a back link there.
Last but not least! Having a good social media page for your site is a must. You can set up a Facebook fan page or create a youtube video and leave your link there also.

Bisnis Bubur Bayi dan Balita

Yogurt currently sold at the Bulgaria Pavilion...
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Mau bisnis bubur bayi? Tentunya nggak lengkap kalau belum punya resep masakan balita buat dijual sebagai produk andalan Anda. Karena pelanggan Anda adalah ibu-ibu yang punya bayi dan ibu-ibu ini ingin bayinya sehat, montok dan tahan terhadap serangan kuman dan penyakit, nggak ada salahnya bila Anda mempersiapkan resep masakan bayi yang cocok dan enak sebelum Anda menjualnya.

Untuk melihat resep masakan bayi apa yang cocok untuk balita Anda, kunjungi situsnya: resep masakan bayi

Provider Bisnis SMS di Indonesia

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Maraknya penggunaan SMS menyebabkan banyak juga provider bisnis SMS di Indonesia yang terus menawarkan bisnis pulsa murah bahkan gratis (dengan ketentuan yang berlaku tentunya), ada juga bisnis pulsa murah. Apalagi dengan munculnya fenomena bisnis pulsa elektronik yang memudahkan pelanggan untuk mendapatkan pulsa secara cepat.

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