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Have you been busy and not having the time to moderate comments from your blogs? You might want to try this cool thing out. It’s called Moderator. It’s a wordpress comment notification plugin for Adobe AIR.

Moderator is a desktop application, so you don’t have to log in into your wordpress admin dashboard to moderate comments. Simply just load Moderator from your desktop and voila, there you go. Moderate all the comments you want just from the desktop. No need to go to wordpress dashboard anymore.

This application works great if you have a lot of blogs and you need to maintain them all as a single fighter (just like what I do). Go to Daniel Dura and download his Moderator right over here. You might also need Adobe AIR. You can find Adobe AIR by going to the Adobe website.

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4 Responses to “WordPress Comment Notification Plugin – Moderator”

  1. konconebudi says:

    ah ini sih buat koneksi intenya yang yahud aja bisanya, coba koneksi siputnya im2, main gaple dulu dah sambil nunggu loadingnya selesai

  2. jemmy says:

    @konconebudi: hehehe bisa aja si mas :D ya ganti donk :P

  3. tukyman says:

    just parking 5 minute :)

  4. jemmy says:

    @tukyman: silakan parkir mas :D