How to Spot Duplicate Title Tags Problems

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Lately I have spotted duplicate title tags problems on my wordpress blogs, which are caused by various things. Damn those Global Translator plugin, I deactivated them all. That’s a shame, because usually I get traffic from many country because of that single plugin. But now I lose faith to them because of the duplicate title tags and duplicate content penalty from Google.

I also noticed that Google stopped visiting more than before because of this duplicate content thing. So how to spot duplicate content problems? You can use Google Webmaster Tools which is located in

Just sign up with your google account and submit your blog sitemap and wait until Google crawl your site and reported you the duplicate content problems.

Spotting the problems is easy, so how to fix those? That’s another story.

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5 Responses to “How to Spot Duplicate Title Tags Problems”

  1. Hmmm… As a novice photographer I sometimes feel awed by the amount of information I need to learn about photography. However, the more i read posts like this, the more i learn. Thanks for making me think a bit more.

  2. adsensereceh says:

    binun sob… gmn dunkszzz…. mhon pencerahannya…

  3. jemmy says:

    @adsensereceh: kalo blogspot saya kurang tahu mas benerinnya, soalnya agak susah kalo ngubah themenya dan nggak ada robots.txt :D

  4. adsensereceh says:

    terus harus pke wordpress ya sob??
    klo mo hosting dmn? and free ja bwt bljar dlu… wkwkkwkwk…
    oya… klo bs sekalian mnt theme, plugin wordpress yach…


  5. jemmy says:

    @adsensereceh: nggak harus wordpress sih, CMS yang lain juga bisa kok asal tau gimana cara benerinnya :D klo untuk hosting wordpress mas bisa coba di hostgator, udah berbulan-bulan (hmm..hampir setahun) nggak pernah mengecewakan :)

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